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Darkness Radio Palmer House Event
Saturday, July 11 & 12th, 2014

darkness event mn palmer house


Friday July 11, 2014
7-8 pm – Investigating the Paranormal with Dave Schrader
8-9 pm – New Tech & Paranormal Experiments with Bill Chappel
9-10 pm – BREAK
10 pm – 2 am GHOST HUNT

Saturday July 12, 2014
10 am – 12:30 pm Tim Baxton Gallery (Ticket Price Not Included)
7-8 pm – Breaking the EVP Code with Bill Chappel
8-9 pm – Understanding Paranormal Evidence with Dave Schrader
9-10 pm – BREAK
10 pm – 2 am GHOST HUNT

Purchase tickets at
darkness events paranormal


tim baxton

Tim Baxton Gallery Reading
Saturday, July 12th, 2014
10am - 12:30pm
$40 per ticket

Tim will be offering a Gallery Reading at Darness Radio's Palmer House Event!

Purchase your Gallery Reading Ticket! Seating is limited!

Ghost Adventures - Travel Channel

ghost adventures

travel channel

Travel Channel's popular show
Ghost Adventures
filmed at the Palmer House!


Learn more about how you can get in on the next Historical Tour!

The Palmer House, along with Bill and Chris Schneider, was featured on the Biography Channel!

Join us for “Happy Hour” daily, from 3:00-6:00 pm!

The first ever paranormal conference was held at The Palmer House January 18-20, 2008.  Hosts of the conference was Darkness On The Edge Of Town, www.darknessevents.com.  Seminars included 2 television celebrites, Chris Fleming and Patrick Burns and Darkness Radio host Dave  Schrader.  Many other professionals from the paranormal field were here as well to help answer the hard questions. 
The Palmer House Haunt has investigation reviews and evidence

Paranormal books available for purchase at The Palmer House

"Love And Other Disasters"
by Tiffany Smith-Johnson (Psychic - Medium)
Stories and patterns collected from years of doing readings.

"Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities"
by Tiffany Smith-Johnson (Psychic - Medium)
$25.00 Book
$16.00 DVD
Suggestions to help you tap into your own potential.

"Seeds Of Thought"
by Tiffany Smith-Johnson (Psychic - Medium)
$10.00 Book

"Two Interviews With Kelley Freese"
DVD Interviews with the owner of the Palmer House Hotel
$10.00 DVD
Taped while filming for other productions.

"The Nearly Departed"
by Michael Norman
Stories about haunted places with a full chapter on The Palmer House

"The Other Side"
by (my friends) Marley Gibson, Patrick Burns and Dave Schrader
Ever wanted to learn about ghost hunting and the paranormal?  This is the book for you!  These three authors came to The Palmer House to write this book and included us in the dedication.

"MN Road Guide to Haunted Locations"
by Chad Lewis and Terry Fisk
Haunted locations throughout MN with a chapter on The Palmer House

The Palmer House has been recently featured on KSAX television, KCLD radio, the Senior Perspective and St. Cloud Times, as well as the World Poker Tour Magazine.

We have been featured in Minnesota Monthly, Public Television (story below) as well as many books on haunted locations. Some of the books for sale at The Palmer House, as well as Sinclair Lewis’ works.

Enjoy the Wesley™ Piano in The Palmer House Hotel lobby. Manufactured by Radenbush & Sons, Saint Paul, this fine old piano sits right next to a cabinet full of old Q.R.S., MelODee, and Blue Bird Ballads word and music rolls.

pbs palmer house
Sauk Centre will be one of several Minnesota locations featured in the new public television series Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska.

Simple Living is described as an offbeat, humorous and sometimes wacky show. Urbanska and her writer/director husband Frank Levering offer easy-to-follow antidotes to modern ways. The couple tackles lifestyle issues around questions of environmental stewardship, thoughtful consumption, community involvement and financial responsibility.
According to Levering, Sauk Centre is featured for four minutes, 15 seconds of the 27-minute telecast. Levering said the crew shot footage of Main Street, and interviewed Herald publisher Dave Simpkins and his wife, Linda Simpkins. The crew also interviewed Roberta Olson at the Sinclair Lewis boyhood home.

Levering said Sauk Centre was the ideal choice for a story on small town living and how it pertains to the show’s premise of living a simple life. He said Sinclair Lewis’ take on small town life in Main Street differs from the way people view it today.
“We think the perception of small town living has changed dramatically,” Levering said. “Nowadays there is a very positive image of living in a small town.”

The filming took place about a year ago, Levering said.

“It was a cold day, but we had a wonderful time in Sauk Centre,” he said.

Levering said the show will air in 70 percent of households nationwide.

“It will be very widely seen by thousands of people,” he said.

Urbanska and Levering challenge viewers to make simple changes in their own lives that address big-picture social concerns. The pair have written a guide to moving to a small town. They both halted fast-paced careers in Los Angeles to move to Urbanska’s hometown of Mount Airy, NC.

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